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I have had many readings done with Kristin as well as meditations in the past 5 years, and she has been pretty spot on with regard to her various abilities in medical intuition (especially with my mother’s health condition), aura and chakra readings, psychic communication with pets, (negative) energy clearing in the home and around a person, precognition (of my personal life, career, health, etc.) and so much more. I do strongly recommend her services!
– Mae M., Founder of / Partner at McCaw Digital LLC

Kristin has elevated my consciousness and I am now operating in a healthier energy field. She helped me to expose areas that I need to address and become lighter moving forward. Her delivery method strikes the perfect balance of being supportive and declaring the much needed wake-up call. She has an ethereal presence and after my reading I felt purified and enlightened! – Adam H., Real Estate Investor

I loved the reading I received from Kristin. I already do chakra sound healing work so I really enjoyed how she moved through each chakra and helped clear out energy that no longer serves me in each area. We can only heal ourselves but with great guidance from a third party, clarity comes faster. Kristin was able to help me see through the blindspots. On another note, she did a quick reading with my cat and I learned that he was missing play time directly with me with specific toys. I thought he was content with being an indoor/outdoor cat along with playing with my neighbor’s cat but he was craving more from me… ever since I started playing with him again, he’s much more happier and even more loving! Thank you, Kristin for sharing your talent! Keep doing what you do!
– Michelle B., Founder of CreateFixate / Sound Healer

Kristin is amazing! She was instantly in tune with my energy and took me through the 7 layers of my aura/chakra, revealing insights about my upcoming move, future career and children on the way. She is so generous and truly gifted in the art of spiritual healing. You will thank your higher self for spending time with her.
– Christina L.T., Graphic Designer

I have known and worked with Kristin for years. She has an amazing gift and is completely honest and thorough with her readings. She is able to tune in and help heal your emotional wounds by giving you clarity and advice on what you are going through. She’s amazing! I have recommended her to many people, and will continue to do so.
– Jasmine S., TV Producer / Healer

Kristin has a real gift. She has been giving me readings for over 4 years. She has been 100% accurate on many levels, from health, career, and relationships. She connects to your higher self so is very mindful of what you are ready to hear and know. She is an expert at energy reading but also a medical intuit, so she’s able to make knowledgeable recommendations for balance and healing. She looks at each chakra and is able to read what imbalances you may be experiencing in each region causing physical and emotional issues, offers healing to those areas energetically on the spot, as well as suggests other tangible remedies as needed. She is able to offer loving insight on any questions you have about yourself, a situation, or other person. I always feel more peaceful and grounded after a reading. She helps you tap into your own intuition so you can trust yourself and your decisions, be your best self. I am so blessed to have her in my life!
– Aimee S., Venice / Film Producer

Kristin gave me a beautiful deep reading. We knew each other but not well so it was really surprising how correct she was with her assessments. She is the REAL DEAL!
– Liz H., Film Director / Producer

I have known Kristin for several years and she has been an a trusted advisor and counselor on many issues including healthy living, nutrition, and wellness.  She is particularly skillful in the use of intuition and psychic readings in her holistic approach.  More recently, I have done several readings with Kristin.  She never asks for any information up front and she continues to amaze me with her accuracy in nailing issues without any prompting whatsoever.  Her approach is gentle, fun, but definitely insightful and powerful.  I really value her input and I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her for anyone else seeking that type of insight.
– Dennis P., Vice President / Environmental Engineer

Kristin’s readings are really quite amazing.  She touches on past relationships that might be affecting you, ways your body might need support and assistance , and current issues related to work and relationships.  One of the things I’m most grateful for was her ability to calm my usually calm and stoic dog during the 4th of July fireworks noise.  He was trying to push out the door to go to work with me he was so freaked and she came over , worked on him , and by the time I got home, he was his normal self.  He still doesn’t like the noise but seems to be able to handle it. The last time I read with Kristin I thought- “She has the ability to remind you of who you are”.  And who doesn’t need a little of that ?
– Kristy M., Actor / Writer

Kristen is very tuned to energy. I have had two sessions with her and the first was for my very anxious rescue dog, she connected with her and was able to tell me what to do to make my dog feel more at ease around other dogs. It made such a huge difference and because of her advice I am now able to get my dog to play with other dogs which up until her advice (about two years post rescue) had been impossible!  5 stars! Kirsten also worked with me on a health crisis and using muscle testing she was able to help me figure out which supplements my body needed and which I could toss. She uses her extensive natural health knowledge with her psychic abilities to help find a solution for health issues. For example she was able to pinpoint the stress in my life that was contributing to my health issue and gave me tools to help my body accept this part of my life until I am able to leave it behind. I highly recommend her! – Allison S., Writer

Kristin is truly gifted as an intuitive healer and counselor. She has an innate knowledge of nutrition, health and healing techniques for total mind, body & spirit as well as the training to back it all up. There are many who speak with knowledge and authority but don’t employ their methods in their own life.  With Kristin, this is not the case. Kristin is authentic and realistic in her approach, having been through her own trials, to bring forward the very best service to generate results.
– Liza D., Real State Broker

I have gone to many readers over the years and I have to say that Kristin is one of the best!  She told me exactly how much money I was going to receive from a lawsuit.  In addition, she was not only able to give me an extremely accurate reading, but she also advised me on what I needed to do to rectify different situations.  Working with Kristin is truly an amazing experience!
– Maria N., Human Resources  

Kristin is super smart and super intuitive and insightful. She goes straight to the source of your blockages and helps you work through them energetically and, what I really loved, helps you make discoveries through dialoging with her. The experience was clarifying and rejuvenating. She’s the real deal.
– Sarah T., Fashion Designer

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