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Group Nutritional Cleanse

Kristin Kilmer Wellness hosts supportive nutritional cleanses for deeper, more rapid healing of body, mind, and spirit while feeling empowered in the pleasurable process!

At onsite of the cleanse, Kristin hosts a preliminary, educational conference to explain the program and provide handouts outlining the process followed by bi-weekly call-ins.  Every participant has access to a password protected page for group sharing, encouragement and to get any questions answered. Daily posts include tips, articles and advice. This is not a starvation, stressful, or deprivation diet, but a nutritional cleanse where the body is filled with the nourishment and supplementation it needs to heal digestion, release excess weight, and energize every cell to create true health and happiness.

While juice fasts and cleanses are effective, they lack the most fundamental aspect of detox:  the restoration of the healthy micro biota of our intestinal walls.  Plus for many women who have tendencies toward blood sugar issues and hormone imbalances, they extremely difficult to endure and not a way to train oneself of healthy habits for lasting results.  Diets are statistically proven not to work long-term, but healthy living by creating new habits and cravings for balanced foods, releasing destructive patterns and negative emotions proven scientifically to be stored in the fat cells, and learning about what works for ones own body does!

Eighty to ninety percent of serotonin is manufactured by the nerve cells in our gut NOT our brain.  This is called the Enteric Nervous System.   Moreover, eighty percent of the immune system is made up of the gut associate lymphatic tissue (GALT).  As we clean out and fill our digestive tract with the nourishment it needs, we naturally become healthier and happier!

This 3+week, regime will consist of a 3-day “elimination diet” to prepare the body for a heavier clean out.  At this time, most of the common allergens will be removed from the diet (sugar, gluten, alcohol) and replaced with high-energy, balanced foods.  Following this, the cleanse begins with a highly, nutritious, protein-dense morning shake or smoothie (yes raw chocolate is even permitted!), varied daily to your taste and tailored to how deeply you want to cleanse.

There is a balanced, afternoon meal where digestion is at its peak.  Kristin offers easy recipes, restaurant tips as well as vegan, animal protein, and low-carb options for faster weight-loss without hunger.

An early evening shake is next with fresh organic ingredients and additional supplement recommendations.

A light dinner snack is even possible.   Decadent ideas are shared to keep cravings and hunger at bay.

Kristin Kilmer Wellness also provides online resources for the best prices on supplementation and even self-care and beauty products, the best food choices for the season, additional common food allergens to eliminate (at least temporarily) and an overall plan for long-term health post-cleanse.

The next cleanse will be in January 2013.


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