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Lyme Disease – Thyroid/Adrenal Connection

Screen-Shot-2014-03-16-at-12.11.10-PMAfter decades of battling health issues, misdiagnosis after misdiagnoses, and just feeling plain crazy, I was pretty content with the latest prognosis of thyroid disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and suppressed immunity; luckily for me (and over a hundred thousand dollars and multiple doctors later) my doctor Nancy Evans and the Holtorf Medical Group wouldn’t give up when I was still feeling terrible and just thinking yet again its all in my head. Yesterday my final cultures came back and its Lyme disease; an epidemic that is constantly overlooked and misdiagnosed for its ability to mimic 250 plus diseases and its ability to lay dormant at times and then mess with you on every level possible when stresses occur (its HUGE is Wisconsin where I am from, prevalent in NorCal where I lived many years and now spreading EVERYWHERE). Because the bacteria doesn’t have a cell wall, it can invade any organ or tissue, cause destruction slowly and it even resists the antibiotics given for it. The CDC still doesn’t take it nearly as seriously as it should so unfortunately for us who suffer from it, we get to pay for the highly costly treatment out of pocket. Many people such as myself never recall a tick bite and this article talks candidly how no one is safe and its now transmuted in a myriad of different ways and can show up years after the initial infection. Its ironic that there is so much ALS awareness now and coincidentally they have found the spirochetes in the spinal fluid of these patients as those with MS and Parkinsons. I have a another intense road of healing and treatment ahead of me and its my wish that during this process to get out of victim mode and spread awareness so that this epidemic gets the attention it deserves and so people don’t have to suffer the years that I have. I have spent what has added up to now years in bed and so much loss but I’m going to spin this into the positive, heal as best as I can and serve others. There is always a secondary gain to pain and suffering, I would never have become a health counselor or certified clairvoyant had I not been so sick and driven for answers. As of now, I have already been helping many with these gifts and skills behind the scenes via word of mouth. But because of incessantly feeling horrible (its now been a set point) and honestly quite ashamed for my inability to totally pull it together all of these years, I haven’t been as active or vocal on social media as I had originally intended but that changes now as I so many people are suffering worse than myself and need answers. Please read this article and pass it on if you or anyone is suffering and can’t pinpoint why and contact me for help and recommends. More to come.

Love and Blessings, Kristin

Here is the article from Stop the Thyroid Madness


3 comments on “Lyme Disease – Thyroid/Adrenal Connection

  1. mercedesjoshafer
    September 5, 2014

    So glad I came across this post lady!! Wonderfully written. I was diagnosed with Lyme just over a year ago now. Since I have had nothing but continuous problems with my body. Feet go numb and tingly and it has gotten to the point where it is begining to move up one of my legs among other issues. Doctors have no answers and tell me it is likely not related to my previous case of Lyme. Still no answers.

    • kkwellness
      September 5, 2014

      Hi Mercedes thank you for reaching out. You clearly aren’t with the right doctor if they aren’t making a connection.
      Please let me know if I can help you in any way! Xo

      • mercedesjoshafer
        September 7, 2014

        I have seen a few doctors and no one has given me answers and basically make me feel like I am crazy. One doc told me it was Raynauds Disease and to go home and look it up to see if it describes my symptoms, which it does, however, it lasts longer then it should and is not localized. I have not been back since due do the lack of answers and the fact that I shouldn’t have to go home and look up information about a disease the doc thinks I have.

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