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Bikini Body Wellness Cleanse

Set the tone for your summer bikini body and inner wellness by joining the 4-week Bikini Body Wellness Cleanse!


I’m excited and humbled to share all of my knowledge and service as a certified Holistic Health Counselor though the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Personally, I’ve healed myself of life-long ailments through the study of over 100 dietary theories based upon scientific and nutritional research, timeless traditions, and also many psychological disciplines that cover the emotional and energetic aspects of food, healthy eating and wellbeing.  This resulted from a 20-year spiritual journey, working and studying with a multitude of eastern and western philosophers, theologians, medical intuitives and coaches.

I have also undergone an intensive certification process as a Clairvoyant and Energy Medicine Practitioner. I am able to see your areas of genius but also imbalances within your system including food intolerances and core issues preventing optimum health.


I am hosting a 4-week, online community cleanse to heal your body, mind, and spirit while creating a physique to rock your bikini!   What makes this program unique is that you will feel empowered and inspired knowing that this is a less restrictive and even pleasurable process. This is not a starvation, stressful, or deprivation diet, but rather a nutritional cleanse where we fill our bodies with the nourishment and supplementation it needs to heal digestion, release excess weight, and energize every cell to create true health and happiness.

While many juice fasts and cleanses are effective, they lack the most fundamental aspect of detox:  the restoration of the healthy microbiota of our intestinal walls.  Plus for many women like myself who have faced blood sugar issues and hormone imbalances (especially the thyroid), they are extremely difficult to endure and don’t incorporate lifestyle changes for lasting results.

Diets are statistically proven not to work long-term, but healthy living based upon creating new habits and cravings for balanced foods does!  It’s interesting to note that toxins and emotions are scientifically proven to be stored in the fat cells.  So as we release the toxins and excess weight, this will bring up the opportunity to let go of any limiting beliefs or destructive patterns which block total wellbeing.


This Bikini Body Wellness Cleanse starts with a 3-day “New Lifestyle” diet to prepare the body for the cleanse itself. Initially, most of the common allergens will be removed from the diet (i.e. sugar, gluten, alcohol) and replaced with high-energy, balanced whole foods. Each day throughout the remaining 3-week cleanse, we begin with a highly, nutritious, protein-dense, delicious shake (yes raw chocolate is even permitted!) varied daily to your taste, budget and how deeply you want to detoxify and replenish your system.

There is a balanced, afternoon meal where digestion is at its peak.  I offer easy recipes, restaurant tips as well as vegan, animal protein, and low-carb options for faster weight-loss without hunger.

An early evening shake follows with fresh organic ingredients and a light dinner /snack is also part of the plan. Delicious recipe ideas are shared to keep cravings and hunger at bay.

I will also provide recommendations for supplements and online resources for the best deals, the best food choices for the season, and an overall plan for long-term health post-cleanse.


The Bikini Body Wellness Cleanse will kick off with a highly educational, on-line group discussion explaining the program in full detail.  Handouts will be provided including shopping lists and all the materials you need to guide you.  I provide one shopping excursion for the group to help you get the best and most cost-effective products, as well reduce the stress of having to sort through all the choices.  Each week, we meet on Monday and Thursday at 6pm for a 45 minute recorded call. You will have unlimited community and host support:  every participant has access to a password-protected web page for group sharing, encouragement and to get any questions answered by myself or the group. I also create daily posts including tips, articles and advice.

I’m offering this cleanse at an initial rate of $250.00 if you sign-up by ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Monday June 11th.  After that the price is $295.00.


The initial, recorded call will be held on Thursday June 14, 2012 at 6pm. We will shop together on Saturday, June 16th at Whole Foods at an agreed-upon time.  The “New Lifestyle” diet then begins on Monday June 18th with the Bikini Body Wellness Cleanse commencing perfectly at the Summer Solstice on June 21st 2012.

I look forward to being your witness and supporting you in your personal transformation.


Kristin Kilmer

If you have already signed up, you can click here to login to the KKWellness Workshop | Group Cleanse.

2 comments on “Bikini Body Wellness Cleanse

  1. Angela Riemma
    June 8, 2012

    I am soooo happy for you and wish you tremendous success! Hope you are well. Love and hugs xo

  2. Shannon Carlson
    June 20, 2012

    Very cool Kristin… so proud to have you as my cousin : )

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